Movement Creates Existence

A small, white, one-elbowed lamp sits upon a desk. Sitting quietly just waiting to be turned on and used; the highlight of his day. His Miss comes home from her day and brings a box with her. What is inside of this box? Is that a new lamp?! More sophisticated and sleek? Is that what Miss wants? Quietly Miss unplugs the small, white, one-elbowed, out-of-style lamp and replaces him with the upgraded model. Too add to this horrific action, Miss take this old lamp out to the curb and leaves him for the Trashmen. And then the rain comes. A sad lamp as he watches Miss turn on her new lamp and sit beneath her favorite chair and commence to read. The lamp with raindrops dropping over his round top; like tears down the cheek of a child. Alone, with no Miss. What use is he now?

“You feel sorry for this lamp. That is because you are crazy. Lamps have no feelings.”         –Ikea Commerical

There are some who look at an object and see it as something that has a personality, feelings, and thoughts the way we do. I am one of these people. This makes me a personification-er.

The idea that we have this different way of seeing the world causes an interesting thing to happen: creation of existence.

As I sat and watched Kermit the frog explain to Gonzo that he is unique, I realized how brilliant Jim Henson really was. I have been watching Muppets since I was a child. We have visited pirate ships, space, and a couple of other hilarious destinations. This is what I want you to think about:

When the person whose hand is inside of Kermit the Frog’s body puts down his or her hand down, that quirky, fun-pig-loving Kermit’s personality disappears. His life has stopped. He does not exist. But not to fear, all it take is a lift of muscles and a flick of the wrist and Kermit is as bright and vibrant as ever.

Movement has just created existence.

But it does not only extend to the colorful world of puppets or marionettes or even the simple sock puppets, this idea extends to just an appendage.

A dog can sit quietly dreaming away with eyes closed and paws folded. No care for the world around them. Sounds cause no movement. But wait…what is this long fuzzy animal coming from behind my back? Is it moving? Oh my, it is! Attack! Get it! And there without warning a tail gets attacked by its owner.

I will say how cute is it that they do this.

But again, movement is causing this tail to take life and invade the space of the dog. How interesting this perception. We as humans do this constantly. As little girls grow up, they are introduced dolls. I myself had an very large, extensive collection of Barbie dolls and their Kens. Clothes, accessories, cars, houses. The level of imagination that is created with these plastic dolls is by far the most I felt as a child. I even had scenarios that I would replay depending on my mood. They were as real to me as my sister was when conversation was concerned.

But as soon as those dolls were put back into their box, their lives stopped.

So much creation and death every day and the culprit is only movement. How interesting this creation of movement in creating existence.

What have you moved today?

Enjoy. And Reed.


As an added bonus, here is the actual commerical…my description is much more dramatic (artistic license), but enjoy.

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