Prepositions Change a Picture

I have spoken before about the Muppet movies and something interesting happened the other night as I watched one with my dad.

To illustrate what happened let’s start with this:

Prepositions are the “what you can do to a box” words.

Are you ON the box or UNDER the box or AROUND the box?

Prepositions are my favorite parts of speech because of how stable, in my opinion, they are. Just look at prepositional phrases which have two parts-only two parts-ALWAYS two parts: a preposition and a noun phrase.

For example: on (preposition) the box (noun phrase)

So what does any of this have to do with changing pictures as my little title describes? I want to show you how a simple change in prepositions completely changed the image of the Muppet movie my father and I watched……

I want you to envision what this Muppet movie is about when I say “Muppets IN Space”?

What do you see? Muppets flying around on some adventure in a space ship? Wreaking havoc across the stars? Gonzo and Rizzo getting into trouble? Maybe, possibly?

Now what is it about if I said “Muppets FROM Space”?

Do you see Muppets visiting from space? A ship coming to rest just above the Muppets? Muppets now becoming the UFO? Perhaps? Perchance?

The images may or may not have changed in your mind, but that is what occurred in my father’s mind when I accidentally said the movie was called Muppets IN Space.

Interesting phenomenon.

Maybe not to you, but it was to me.

Either way… Enjoy. And Reed.



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