Define Passion

I never thought about there being two definitions that describe that feeling of happiness of doing something you live to do.

Passion is an ‘adoration’ or a ‘love’ by one and simply ‘a strong emotion’ for the other. I believe together these three create what we call passion. We all should know this feeling as to have a passion is to be human. Although I would agree that being a Siberian Husky that lives for that moment she is given her favorite treat would definitely be called a strong emotion, but what about love? Does the Husky love that dog cookie shaped like a bone? I doubt she does.

But what about the notes to a song a musician once heard? Music notes that ring through your ears and move slowly in a rush down your arms to your nerves along your back. . .Words on pages that bring emotion to your life through a window into the imagination of another. . .What about the simple sit-and-listen method of breathing in the world around you? These are strong emotions…adoration…love. These are things that some do because they must. Nothing makes them happier than to be engulfed in the emotion–the passion–of doing what they love to adore to do.

Of course having a passion we have its opposite—-hate.

There are many things we hate to do (changing a blown tire on the side of a freeway while it’s raining), things we don’t like to do (cleaning dishes during ANY point of our day), and things we’d rather not do (paying six dollars more to see a movie on a bigger screen). These are just three I chose. How many others can you think of?

But notice…

For all the answers to describe the antonyms you can list for this word, how many passions do you have?




I hope you have one. At least. What research in your own life haven’t you done if you cannot think of at least one passion that takes you away from everything? What place haven’t you visited, what color haven’t you seen, whose voice haven’t you heard that would show you what it is that you love and adore so much?

My passion began as a child, budded once a decade passed, and bloomed by my fifteenth year. I am one who loves to collect books….a bibliophile at heart…a reeder by nature. My 300 book collection has grown slowly over the years. But each lovely book hand-picked, cover read, pages flipped through, and finally chosen to be added to my shelves. I carry many different genres: fantasy, sci-fi, detective, romance, non-fiction, textbooks, childrens’ books and others.

Four days past my two tall, dark, wooden shelves were finally moved back to where they hadn’t been in four years–back in my room by my bedside. As I put my books back onto their shelves not but two feet from my bed, I felt that overwhelming feeling of happy, that I-can-do-anything feeling which almost aches in my chest at the thought of sitting for only a moment and reading but a page or two. Feeling the pages as I flip from one to the next. Words shaped in ink that seal the lives of characters that don’t exist but for in the mind of the author and its’ readers. Imagine my surprise when I realized it had been four years since I had that feeling happily settled in my room.

I can feel my creativity grow. My mind wander to those pages. So many to read…never enough time.

Tell me. How do you define passion?

Go find out. And Reed.



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