Show me who you are with a Sandwich: Part One

Watching is how it started with me. Walking to my next class of whatever elementary year it was, my eyes would watch everything. Of course as one grows older this art is much more defined and perfected. It becomes the refined verb: observe.

I have officially been “observing” behavior for at minimum eight years, maximum nine point five years. Lies are caught easier–behavior is understood quicker. Observation is key to understanding everything that is encountered day to day. Observations when a man and woman are speaking. What can be learned from their posture? From their tone? Eye contact? Distance? And from a child seeing his or her hands for the first time? What can you observe but life in the making?

What about a Sandwich? Can observing two men making a Sandwich define who they are?


Two men standing near the same height–take two or three inches from the youngest to find the oldest. Frames are different–narrow versus broad. The faces are different–but age can alter that. What is so similar between the two are the words they use, the little actions that spell-out their behavior, the simple pleasures they both enjoy in life followed closely by the big ones that define them. The similarities within them make for a great relationship between them.

Ones says to the other about it being time to make Sandwiches for the following day.

With the condiments out along with the meat, bread rolls, eating utensils and the special serving plate made of the paper towel variety–the epic journey begins.

…to be continued.

Until then…Enjoy. And Reed.


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