It is interesting the conversations we have inside our own heads.  It might not literally be words that are being said during this conversation with yourself or any other visiting at that time. It may be nothing but images flashing across the mind or hazy colors forming shapes.

Es posible que los images están en cambio con las palabras que estás hablando. Pienso que es importante que las palabras y images están juntos.  Y es posible también que las palabras y images necesitar están juntos.

Can there be a reason to put words and images together?  Yes.  Just as the mind needs to dream to process all of the visual and auditory (sometimes textile as well) sensory inputs, I believe it considers life the same way.  The mind does not just imagine or reflect or communicate with words or pictures or sounds, but it uses all of these simple and complex inputs to combine into thoughts that can be perceived as a storyline in itself.

Pero tengo una pregunta de esta idea.

What, if it seems like words and images combine together out of necessity in our own “inside” thoughts, determines the order in which your mind thinks. . .?

As I listened to the boys talk about opening the motor up, doing a little bit of ditching, and grabbing a stack of stickers next to the caliper, I realized that thoughts really do have a pattern to them.

Think about it.

While they talked to each other, I thought to myself. . .saving money, buying him a truck IMAGE, the surprise IMAGE IMAGE to give it to him, flooding of emotions thinking about how happy he would be…floating thoughts…their plans to build, like a “blueprint” I whisper IMAGE IMAGE.

What makes this conversation inside of my head show me an image? What is the cause of this pattern?  For my mind, all it takes are…words…thoughts…IMAGE.

Pregunta: But why this pattern?

Words – Thoughts – IMAGE

Repuesta: The words themselves are vital to trigger a picture.  Each IMAGE followed some object…some noun…Noun

I have spoken before about Prepositions…only two, always two…

But Nouns…they are the most concrete of the parts of speech.  A thought is a thought no matter the words added to it or around it.

My thought. His thought.  The loooong thought or shrt thought.

Evil thought, strange thought, naughty thought. . .

Still a thought.

so. . .my nouns?

A truck IMAGE

The surprise IMAGE

A Blueprint IMAGE

It is possible that being as concrete as Nouns are, the mind can make images for them in that pattern or any other patterns minds take on.  With Nouns in place we have the ability to SEE our thoughts as we have them.  Every pattern for every person will be different.

How visual a person are you?  How important is it to see these words become images or hear these sounds grow to be thoughts?  How often can you really feel life without seeing it?  A soft touch.  A smooth caress.  A drop of rain against the skin.  A beam of sunlight across your back.

Images may not be essential outside of your mind, but how else can your mind learn through you?

Words. . .thoughts. . .IMAGE.

La mente es una cosa muy difícil hasta que comprenda sus procesos.  O mejor aun, hasta que entienda sus propios procesos.  Todavía tengo mucho que aprender.

So…tell me.  How does your pattern ebb and flow?



7 thoughts on “Words–Thoughts–IMAGE”

  1. O to the M down to the G! I thought hey let’s reed (haha u like that) up on my siter’s blog. And let me just say…. WOW! Your mind is a brilliant place I love to visit by reeding your written words. Linguistics major oh no linguistics master is more like it. The silly little thought of you not being a good writer absolutely true. You are a PHENOMENAL writer and are going to bloom into amazingness I can’t wait to witness. I love you.

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