Oh the World of Worlds, and the Worlds Around Them

Sure they say that the world turns with gravity and a bunch of other forces in the universe that keep stars and planets and celestial bodies from falling out of the sky…

Although that is incorrect, these stars and planets and celestial bodies are not in the sky. The sky is something that is formed due to our atmosphere. And our atmosphere sure ain’t even close to being able to hold any bodies of the universe.

So really with all the different forces that not only keep us on this planet but also the forces that keep our planet in this galaxy and the forces that keep our galaxy in this universe……

Well, what the hell does it matter if we can pay taxes? I mean, really. Does the planet, galaxy or universe care? I don’t think so. If I don’t pay taxes, this universe will continue to expand until the time comes to retract.

Spinning worlds will continue to orbit their stars and bodies of light will continue to not exist as they die, implode and create new life.

Of the billions upon billions of planets, surrounded by billions and billions of stars, surrounded by billions and billions of galaxies…my taxes are not important.

Neither is rent, gas money, working…really, the only pieces that should be are living and loving and understanding that we don’t have forever.

The average life span of a human being is 78.5 years. It took the Earth 251 to 199.6 million years to form into something that mammals could exist on. That means…if humans had existed from the beginning of time to when it was possible that Earth could sustain them…we would have had at MINIMUM 3,197,452 generations of human beings.

As of now, atomically modern humans originated about 200,000 years ago and reached full behavior modernity around 50,000 years ago… So if we followed the current life span average and didn’t factor in the growth in our life span, we could have had at minimum 2,547 generations.

3,197,452 vs. 2,547 generations.

Does that put into perspective the age of the planet and humans?

So. Taxes. What about them?

Who cares?

I mean, really.

The world probably laughs at us as we stress about these mundane, un-universally unimportant pieces that we consider the depth and breath of our emotional well-being.

But. We have to care or the IRS bangs down our door while we look up in the sky and wish we had a self-sustaining spaceship.

But someday…someday we will realize living is THE MOST important and we’ll work together to stretch and make every single year of 78.5 years the most amazing days of our lives…

So take care. Enjoy. And Reed.


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