Carving Without a Chisel

Michelangelo once said:

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

This line can be slightly changed and modified to suit other kinds of artists. A painter can darken the lines of an invisible picture. A weaver can take individual threads and sorts them into order, ending the chaos of not existing together. Even a writer takes all the words of a language and deleted the ones he or she doesn’t want and then strings them together in one coherent and well-structured piece of communication.

Each artist bringing something into existence that did not exist before. The difference, writing does not need any form of medium.

Writers can write a story in their heads or a poem in their minds. Memorize and remember the words and then share them whether writing them down or saying them aloud. Some can write entire novels or sets of poems or complete scenes in their heads before needing to transfer it from head to paper.

Such a way to be creative with the hundreds and thousands of words that are available in the English language alone. Never mind the other thousands of languages with their hundreds and thousands of words. In the end, there are millions of words that have been created, forgotten, rekindled, revamped, lost, destroyed, enhanced, duplicated, translated throughout the time of language.

Of course language as a verbal communication device as well as language being written down are two totally difference pieces to the puzzle for a writer.

Just as Michelangelo had stated his thoughts about a sculptor, so did he say:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

That is the mind of a writer forming his words to be more creative to describe the same idea he had already mentioned.

Writers are able to form any thought they want. Whether real or imaginary. This holds true for the painter or sculptor who create from thin air—from the small places of creativity they keep safe from the stresses of the world—from the mind and brain that work together to offer something that may have never been seen before—from seconds of inspiration…

Not needing medium no way makes what a writer does better or easier or more epic than any other creative artist. It’s just a simple fact that writers don’t need a chisel, a paint brush, clay or anything else but the power of their minds….

Although, sometimes, I’d rather use a keyboard. Much easier to process.

Enjoy. And Reed.


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