Standing By The Window…Sigh

As I stood by the window, I could hear the clock ticking. It wasn’t one of those annoying clocks with a ticker so loud you could hear it coming up the stairwell. Instead its face circled within a dark wood frame with hand-carved hands ticking in rhythm to time as it passes.


Where does time go? I have asked that question too many a…uh, time. I shook my head as I silently laughed. I can’t even describe time without using the word time. It really does have a hold of us, doesn’t it?


Outside I could see trees swaying in the slight breeze that visited my little corner of the cul-de-sac. I wonder if those trees can feel time. Definitely not the way we as conscious beings do, but in their own life-strong, years of existence. I mean, time is relative. My five minutes could feel like an eternity while the same click of the clock could be gone in an instant for another.

I sighed as I stared out the window. There are truly days that I wish time would take its, well, time passing; and then there are other, um, times, that I wish it would fly. But I think if the God of Time came to me and asked,

“Which would you rather have consistently for eternity: the relative slow-moving time or a constant quickened pace?”

Of course the slower. Moving a normal pace is already too fast for me as it is. I mean, take right now. I have three creative projects that need my attention and all I can do is stare out the window and wonder why time never provides enough of itself to those like me who need it. With not enough time, it becomes a constant battle for what needs to be done and what can ultimately wait until the next time I need to make a decision about what I can work on. And are the options everything that I want to be able to do? Not in the slightest. There are three projects plus another two or three other to-pass-the-timers that I wish I could get to in the normal speed of the day.

A leaf got picked up by the breeze and flurried in a triple loop before landing, rather abruptly, at the base of a tree. Oh to be a leaf on some days…

Must-haves change the flow of time and can often get in the way of trying to find time to do everything.

I sighed again. Some day there would be time. I would make time. Find the time. Create the time. Manage the time.

Suddenly I felt empowered and decided that today I would do a bit of everything. Today would be my creative day.


I turned away from the window as my smoke alarm went off…Oh yeah, I had been cooking bacon.


Enjoying. And Reeding.


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