Beware the Melt

A blue feather came up to wipe his brow as a bead of sweat almost dripped into his eyes. He’d been working for most of the night. Steadfast and concentrated, he had used his drills and saws and vices to hold the bars steady while they were connected and faceted securely. One row of metal laid across another row connected with a screw. Doubled and tripled, the swift movement from one piece to the next became easy for him.

It would finally be his turn. He would be the one that was running. A heavy ball, a speeding cart, he would be the target. Hundreds of tries and never a scratch. Not a one. There were a couple of close calls, but he would never tell him that. Or anyone for that matter. On the outside, he was the brilliant, quick, never faltering, speeding Runner of the mid-west and beyond.

But he could never roam free. He was always being chased. Keeping a smile on his face as he travelled was the only way to keep moving forward.

With the free feathered hand he wiped his brow once more.

Now it would be different. Now he would show him and he would be able to run to whichever road he wanted without having to dodge or duck or jump or halt. Just road after road around bends and more bends…

The idea had come to him one night sitting in frustration as another day was wasted from multiple movements with a skip-here, move-there, jump-this, eat-that. The bird-seed is not that good; it’s always stale, and more often than not, it’s poisoned. But without any way to stop the need to eat birdseed he always had to pause and eat. But it didn’t matter, now he had the plan. He had called Acme, ordered what he needed and had been building ever since.

Just a few more rods, a couple more connections and it would be done. Just a few more hours after days of preparation.

The smile he faked so easily came naturally as the hours passed. Finally he reached the end. With one final bolt, he fastened the rod of metal. He stood back and looked at his creation. It was ready.

All he needed was one final ingredient. The one thing that he wouldn’t be expecting. It took years of planning, and he finally had all his pawns into place. Just a simple ice melt on an Acme store shelf? He thought not.

Now was the time.
He flayed his feathers as he laughed.



Note from Eon: I saw this ice melt bag with the RoadRunner on it, and because of a conversation I had had the day before, I took a picture. 

And thus, the wheels starting turning and this is what begat from my mind. To be continued…



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