Observations and How They Observe You Observing

How are you with your observations? Do you observe from a far and analyze what visual information is being absorbed into your mind? Or do you observe up close while they know you are observing? When people observe on a regular basis, they can be called people observers, or the more used phrase, people watchers. Observing the movements, expressions; hearing the speak and sounds; watching the two side interact is how we learn as children anyway.

We observe mommy and notice that bottle in her hand and get instantly excited because we know what they means. We observe daddy smiling goofily at us as we giggle at his big silly face. As we get older we continue to observe and to learn from what we see. Our big brothers or sisters, or even our younger of both, do things, see things, say things that we observe and react to.

In elementary school, junior high or high school, sitting around the cafeteria, the band room or the giant plaza-like center that is the school, observation of your fellow students is quietly unnoticed. Does it matter that Kelly kissed Jacob while sitting on the bench in the hallway, and you observed it? Maybe not, but passing along your observation becomes the fun part—for some anyway.

Being an adult doesn’t change our observing habits. If anything we observe differently with different eyes and a different way of seeing the world, but the observation skills still apply. You may observe that Mustang drive by and the gorgeous driver behind the wheel, which will you remember you observed?

Football games = observed
Children = observed
Seasons changing = observed

Observation is a way for each human being to learn about the world around them. We are not all able or lucky enough or in a position or anything to be able to be a part of everything, take every action and experience everything, so we observe to fill in the holes in our experiences. Why have a fight about jelly with our spouse when we can just observe another couple doing it which then makes us realize fighting about jelly is absolutely ridiculous…

Observe in your life. See what there is to learn with your eyes as you observe the world around you. Observation can teach you.

Observe wisely.


Forms of Observe: 30
In every sentence or fragment thereof? Yes

Enjoy. And Observe.

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