Welcome Welcome Back

descriptions of a reeder is officially back and ready to share. I created a world of inspiration that was not generically-templated and added for convenience. Now, my world is yours to enjoy and reed.

Visit my new pages…Each of creating a foundation for what will be added to them in the future; chapters of my novels, photos of my newest paintings, poetry pieces as they leave my mind…

  • “10 Yier Series”
  • Creation with a Paint Brush
  • Poetry of the Mind

And visit my  old pages for changes and designs and descriptions…

Share your thoughts of my new design and as always…

Enjoy. And Reed.


P.S. For my last redesign I added a chapter from one of my novels. Interested? Reed here.


4 thoughts on “Welcome Welcome Back”

  1. I absolutely luv the new website, as soon as I opened the page I felt instantly calm. It’s definitely inviting and as brilliant as you. Amazing job!

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