Once Upon a Time…


…there was a happy little girl. She was cute and rosy-cheeked and bubbly, and she bounced around with pin curls and mary jane shoes.

Are you sure? I don’t know about any “Goldie Locks” kids running around. Where does she live in pleasantville?

…she loves to play outside with the puppies and kittens that happily frequent her neighborhood. She makes sure to leave out milk for the kitties and scraps for the pups.

Really? So she’s feeding a population of stray animals that can just procreate and then have more strays that have to roam the streets without homes? Oh. And milk? That’s really bad for cats. Someone should tell her.

…everyday she enjoys skipping down to the park at the end of her block to swing back and forth for hours. She feels at peace with gravity as her playmate.

So, a cute kid, alone, at a park with no supervision? What era are you from right now? That’s definitely a bad idea. Kid. Go home and get your mom.

…while she walks to school every day, she smiles and thinks about her day with her teachers and what she’s going to learn. She studied for her Math test and was excited to get another “A”.

What she’s going to learn? Let’s hope she learns to forgive that one kid in class that will probably put her curly locks in ink. Kids are cruel. All the power to you for making it through the day, Goldie.

…getting home from school brings about her time to be creative. Drawing, reading or sometimes painting, she will sit happily for hours showering her imagination onto paper and pages.

Time? Who has time? Painting? Drawing? Who has the time to do any of that? Bills. Work. Sleep. Kids. Bills. Stress. Bills. Bills. Bills. Enjoy it while you can kid. It disappears after’while.

…when it’s finally time to go to sleep from the day, her mom and dad tuck her in and give her lots of hugs and kisses. It really is the best part of the day. Sleeping snuggly, she smiles herself to sleep.

If you’re lucky enough to have your parents still together AND they have the time to come and tuck you in every night… Just wait for the times you get in bed alone every night… Not too fun being an adult, Goldie.


Goldie sat up in bed a listened with her ears intently. The words she heard that made her sit up were something like, “Not too fun being an adult, Goldie.”

She’s heard that voice before. It always sounded like something has affected it. Like it had a bad day. She can think of plenty of good days, but the bad ones take over more often.

Goldie closed her eyes where she was sitting and said with a gentle smile on her face:

“World. I know there are hard days, and sometimes you can forget to see the beautiful days. But remember, the light of this world will continue to shine even as the sun sets. For every tear, there is a smile. For every rainy day, a rainbow will follow. Yes, the world can be hard, but it can also create such a scene that it can take your breath away. I love you, World. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.”

With that, Goldie rolled over and went back to sleep…the World sighing with a smile on its face….


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