Quote Thoughts: One


“Life is about using the whole box of crayons.”

Life creates interesting scenarios that can often define a moment in time or perhaps cause another moment to happen. But what are these moments if you never let them happen or go after them? Letting life pass by as a passenger in time may bring about regret when you look back and realize that life has passed by longer than there may be left in years.

With the many ways to enjoy life, everyone should have big pieces of their life puzzles shaped from their own lives.

Creativity. This is one of my two bigger pieces.
Language. This is the other.
Both complete me and make up the  me I know as me.

What makes my pieces special is that every curve, cutout, connection piece of my puzzle has been created by my experiences, my pains, my life. My puzzle looks the way it does because of the way I have lived.

Some pieces have burnt edges, some glow, some are multicolored, some are black, some are painted, some are transparent…Each piece to the puzzle of my life created every moment of my life. The bigger more important moments of my life may be much larger than others but with plenty more connecting parts that attach to new pieces.

How big of a puzzle will your life be?

Will it be filled and expanded to the brim of possibilities? Or will it only be highlighted for a short time?

Whatever you chose, don’t forget to add color…that big box of 120 crayons should be used in all moments of your life. Use the bright Unmellow Yellow with the darker Asparagus or with Electric Lime. I’m rather a fan of the Sunset Orange, Mountain  Meadow, and Razzle Dazzle Rose. Take all the colors and use them to make your puzzle pieces uniquely yours.

Or use photoshop…that works too.


Enjoy. And Reed.

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