Ideas Ideas, More Time to Write Please

The ideas have been swirling around in my head for new stories. True, I already have my five-book, sci-fi&fantasy series that I can’t wait to find more time to work on. Plus I have my psychological novel that I started during NANOWRIMO last year. Yes, I got quite a few chapters written but have plenty more to go.

Both set(s) of novels make my Writer excited and all twitchy to write. I never want to write more than the moments I realize that I want to write. When I see an amazingly created piece of work, whether written, painted, or drawn, my mind begins to buzz. Even the sight of a fresh notebook without any turned pages, or ink added, or words written…my Writer wakes up and wishes it had one in hand.


I am inspired by many different types of creativity. I know the work is full of a pure creativity once my mind sparkles and spriks (yes, spriks).

There are so many new pieces of creation that are floating through  my head.
I want to write a story.
I want to put them into words.

“More time to write please” is what I need.

To wake every morning, write and begin the day…that would be a morning I would be happy to lead every day. To wake with the mind with created words…to start the day with created thought…to begin a day of normal with some imagined.

What else do I have floating around within my mind?

  • A story of a young boy who befriends a ghost…
  • A story of a little girl who thinks the best underwater…
  • A story of The Tattooed Women…a love story with travel and mystery…

Any votes at which one should I should write first? …after the others lists first, of course.


Enjoy. And Reed.

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