Some G Scientific Word

She sat in the car as it sped slightly over the speed limit to about 55 miles-per-hour versus the 40 that was allowable on the street. They were late for work again but still laughed and smiled about the night before. Movies and home cooked food had been the highlight. Now it was morning and time to get back to work as she smiled thinking about her day. Five minutes from the house to the on-ramp means five extra minutes lost, but it was okay, speeding on the highway would ensue.

Pausing at the last right before turning onto the street that would take them to the on-ramp, she looked to her left and noticed a car with a million stickers on it. One big word filled six big white squares: “Genealogy”.

“Hey look at that, do you think they’re a genealogist?” she asked. Laughter, laugh.

They turn the corner and continue driving.

“Wait, what is genealogy? Is it about rocks? I know the study of vaginas is gynecology,” she snorts, he laughs with rows of laughter. “If you cut the word down, ‘gen’ I’ve heard in genesis, so it could mean—”

“It’s probably the study of genes or something,” he says.

“Well, I was trying to figure it out with word splicing. Sheesh.” Slight tongue sticks out.

“It’s okay, I’m not a hundred percent sure it’s genes anyway.”

“Okay, maybe I’ll Google it….”

Genealogy comes from the Greek words γενεά, genea, which means “generation” and λόγος, logos, which means “knowledge”. There you go (she says in a heavy Greek accent). The definition is the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history.

Apparently the scientific study of genes is the simple word “genetics”. I mean, the study of genetics is pretty damn awesome. Who wouldn’t want to see the tiny pieces of fragments that make us who we are? Genes come to us in perfect halves of each parent and then create life. Each gene coded with a piece of information to make you who you turn out to be.

Then with the awesome magic of the study of families and lineages we can follow where the genes come from. Just find a local genealogist, and they would be happy to help you trace your family lines. Or make it even easier than Google and visit websites like They help you do the work in general.

So, genetics or genealogy, still the study of where you came from.


Enjoy. And Reed.

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