The Mist Lay Over the Lake

With a move comes a new life with an adventure to match. Moving from one place to another can bring a whole other way to look at the world. New surroundings, new home, new outside, new inside, new people, new rooms, new places.

Can it be equated to some form of culture-shock? Maybe just shock. With everything being new and different, it can take time to get used to the new routines, the new surrounding….the new everything.

Looking at a move as a new and a fresh start can be a blessing in disguise. Some see stress and a change in comfort, but once they acclimate, the “new” can be the next adventure. We need new adventures, whether big or small.


I have completed my move. Officially. These photos are the first I’ve taken since my first day here with family and the love of my life. Every morning I can enjoy the mist over the lake… I will definitively be adding more photos as I take them with the seasons.


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