My NaNoWriMo Experience Shared

I really enjoyed having a small idea that quickly bloomed into a bigger one and now has almost formed itself into an entire novel for this NaNoWriMo… And here’s my plan…

How am I sharing my NaNo experience?

I am going to write every day (doi) and work hard to hit my 1,667 words a day (double doi). But what I am doing this year that is different that last year is…

I’m going to post my daily writings every night right here on descriptions of a reeder.

It will be raw and unedited and straight from my wordprocessor, but it will be up. I will keep everything labeled per post so you know where you are, and I will keep a separate page with the different pages and links in order.

I hope my Reeder enjoy. I hope my Reeders comment…and I hope the novel comes out as expected. I will have plenty of  time to edit the novel once NaNoWriMo is done, so for now, daily posts will be on the agenda.

::squeak:: I’m so excited!

One of my final updates…

I’ve been talking about NaNoWriMo for a few weeks now. And it is here in a just a couple days. What else is happening before it gets here? I have to finish my timeline and what’s the other thing?

Oh yeah…a hurricane is coming.

It’s okay. I’ll be indoors outlining, so I should be ready to go come Thursday. Thanks for the concern.

My progress with my outlining has been amazing if I do say so myself. My plan was to outline 30 chapters before November 1st. It took me from October 1st until October 26th to figure out my story and outline the first of three timelines.

Out of that time, I think it took me a good two weeks to outline Timeline One, or TL1 as I’ve been calling it for easier purposes.

So….guess what I did yesterday? Outlined TL2!

I’ll talk about this program another day, but for those interested in an amazing brainstorming software, visit

Does that mean it took 14 days for TL1 and only 1 day for TL2?

Hells yes it does.

I was so excited to fall asleep last night…exhausted…with a slightly fried creative mind…like all the creative juices had been squeezed from my mind. Yes, I wanted to keep outlining, but my mind needed to be ready to outline the next TL….I have only 3 days–with whatever is left for today–to finish up my timeline and add the summary outlines to each chapter.

Thursday is coming…and I have outlining to do…You may not hear from me until then…

So…Enjoy. And Reed.


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