Daily Writing, Continued Creativity

Okay, really this time.
No, no, really.
How long have I been talking about needing to find time to be creative?

But really, I mean it this time. I will. I will find time.

I was able to find time in November when that was all I did in my extra time. (That was not an easy thing to do, by the by. Quite difficult, actually.) Then, I gave myself the month of December to recoup and to catch up. I had to catch up on life, family, finances, business and anything else I forewent (past tense of forgo?).

And so far, that is what I have been doing. Of course, as I expected, not even halfway through the month I was chopping at the bit to start writing again. But, during this time, I have happily joined my amazing Google+ community with authors, writers and scribes alike and have had daily conversations. I even printed my lovely novels “Is It Possible to Be a Little Schizophrenic?” and “I Brought Home a Ghost”. And through the votes and help of said community, I have even chosen when novel I will continue working on.

…and there it sits, printed out, on my desk, waiting for me, waiting…

Is it January yet?

But finding the time to write is still difficult to do. The new year is coming, and it is time to really find the time and set the time. I mean, to the point that I have set days and set times, and I can sit down and do whatever piece of creative I want.

There are three that I want to focus on…




I would love to add paint into this list, but as all my painting tools are away and packed up, I will have to leave it off the list for now….(for now, I say)

There is one last thing that I want to add to my list, which is really a sub-thing under my “Write” category. I want to write DAILY. Every day. About what? Anything. Add a photo. Add a thought. Write a scene. Anything.

I need to be able to find a way to do this.

And I will.

Okay, really this time.
No, no, really.


Enjoy. And Reed.

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