New Writing Software, Anyone?

Wow. Let me say it again: Wow. I was truly blown away by this software. It was as if the creator was a writer who understands the process of thought…and he is.

Literature & Latte was founded in 2006 by a wanna-be (his words) writer who put together a team and created a software that can be “the best solution for writers of all disciplines for structuring and writing first drafts”, and I am definitely a believer.

I came across the software via another writer who joined me in NaNoWriMo this year. She was kind enough to share the fact that the Literature & Latte was delivering the software for free for NaNo and even offered a special deal. If a writer won NaNo, he/she could purchase the software for 50% off of the regular $40. If the writer didn’t win, he/she would still get 20%, which I felt was already a great way to start a relationship with users.

Now, I am not one for tutorials. Not even a little bit. But the software looked so incredible after I downloaded it that actually took the tutorial. I spent about 1.5 hours on it.

Wow can Scrivener do a whooooole lot of cool things!

There is so much to share about it, but I want to add a quick list of some of the amazing features available within the program:

Corkboard – It’s a way to visually see what is inside of each folder. Each virtual index card shows a little summary of what is inside. (This was great for showing the different pieces inside each folder visually. Especially when wanting to look at the characters of the story.)


Text Editing – Gives writers the many great options to edit text such as the ability to add tables, bullet points, images; format text; add footnotes and comments; and even print, export your final piece in the format you wish. (Normal but awesome stuff.)

Statistics and Targets – With the available live word and character count available, you as a writer can have goals for an entire manuscript for your particular session. Helps you keep your word count to where you need it. (So, the NaNo version had a daily goal of 1,667 and the whole manuscript was set for 50,000. Awesome.)

Name Generator – For the many fiction writers or even bloggers and journalists, Scrivener has given them the ability to create names of dozens of nationalities. (Have to say, I was so excited about this option and made some awesome Irish, Spain and French names.)

Others include – tools for writing non-fiction, scriptwriting options, snapshots, automatic backups and so much more. (I can’t wait to play with more!)

All in all, I feel Scrivener brings the abilities of an expensive writing software to writers, such as myself, who are able to afford, use and setup their own novels, or whatever project, within a few minutes. I don’t usually write reviews about programs, but I would encourage any writer who is Reeding this right now, to try out the software for themselves. You may be just as pleasantly surprised as I was.


Enjoy. And Write.



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