New Year, New You? No Thanks. I’m Good.

Tomorrow brings about 2013.

I made it through another stressful year and learned new things. I survived a big hurricane and didn’t see the world end. It was a beautifully stressful and life-filled year. A great year with great memories and great lessons learned…

So, here’s my question, with all this learning and all this growing, why all this talk about a “new” version of ourselves for New Years? Let’s just stop and think about this. A fresh new start? Sure. A new you? Sure. But is it really?

The definition of “new”:

An adjective meaning: “Not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time”

So…You’re twenty-five years old. And you have spent the young years of your life…

…living, hurting, growing, caring, learning, crying, leaving, smiling, coming, going, loving, laughing...

Can you think about how many times by the age of 25 that you were hurt? Loved? All of those beautiful moments that defined your happiness. All of those dark moments that defined your strength. Some are unforgettable and some you wish you could forget, but they all make you who you are. That is the way that human beings learn and mold themselves into adults.

Now, let’s have a new year. Let’s have a new you with a new year. By definition, you have to not exist before this time. You have to be made, introduced, or newly discovered on January 1. So what does that mean?

It means all of your experiences and all of your pain and all of your love. Everything. Gone. It’s gone. It means all the growing and all the everything that you have been through in your life is gone over with, and you have to learn and feel it all over again.

Do you want to do that all over again? Sure there may be negatives and positives. But even those positives may be with people you wouldn’t want to relive them with. How exhausting to think that you would have to do it again? How much more pain and happiness would you have to live through to get back to where you already are? Twenty-five years worth?

Okay, so by the time you are 50 you will be back to where you could have been? Maybe. But probably not. Thirty-year-olds don’t have the same issues as 15 year-olds. There are days and days of being able to get in trouble, learn your lesson, cry off a breakup, dance the night away…but when you are 40, you have completely different thoughts and worries. Well, maybe you do. I can’t speak for everyone.

We are made to be who we are as we learn and grow throughout our lifetime. Our choices define us. I don’t want a new year with a new me. Give me a new year with a new thing to learn, a new life lesson or even an upgraded version of the same me. But I love who I am and don’t want to give it up.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my Scribes and Reeders. I was happy to have you all with me, and I hope to see you all next year too.

Enjoy. And Reed.

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