iPad, Let’s You and I Create Something Together

I recently discovered something amazing about my iPad…I can draw on it!

Okay, so I knew that already, but when I was invited to a Google+ Community (this one right here) I was interested and intrigued about it. I thought it could be fun to join the digital world of drawing. At this point, I have drawn on paper for most of my life, and as most of you have experienced, I started painting a while ago. I did some digital coloring and drawing in the past, but never photos or digital paintings.

First step was to find the right application. Of course, most of them aren’t free. Boo. But I did try out SketchBook for the iPad. It was a free version with only three layers (which threw me off completely considering I was expecting to have a whole bunch when I began my first drawing).

With this app, I tackled the first weekly challenge:

With the holidays coming we should try illustrating a piece of a Christmas song… My first thought is:  “Tiny Tots with their Eyes all Aglow”. To be drawn on a tablet, let us know what tablet, what app, and if you have a fancy stylus, what you used to create it.

And here was my answer to it.

Eyes All Aglow, December 11, 2012

Then, the next weekly challenge was:

This week is: Draw a fantasy landscape.  Interpret this how you will.

I found another app at this point that I loved! from the moment I touched it (yes, I will share all the goodies in its own post), but it is called Paper. So I did a test run with the app for the weekly challenge:

Fantasy Landscape, December 21, 2012

A week later, I was trying to convince my lovey that $6.99 was okay for this awesome app (we are crazy frugal right now), and he secretly bought it for me. (Thanks babe.) In the end, it was $8.98 for the app and an extra option.

Then, my answer to the weekly challenge was TRULY answered…AND it was my first finger painting:

Inside a Glass Bubble, January 2, 2013

Now, from this point, it was Christmas and New Years, so the weekly challenge didn’t come, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to draw/paint digitally. I sat down last Friday evening, and decided I wanted to draw something…anything. Looking over to my right I saw a small painting on the front of a tinder box…and so began my first painting of fruit.

I started with a finger sketch and added the base color finger-style and then pulled out my handy-dandy blue stylus. I drew and painted for a few hours and then off to bed I went. I enjoyed using the next day as my push to finish it, color and all.

Here is my very first fruit digital drawing, and I am very happy with it…

Finger Fruit Painting, January 5, 2013

We have another challenge being talked about now. Hopefully I will start the next soon. I really enjoy this form of painting. It’s easier and more convenience. Just bring out an iPad and your finger, and get to moving. I love it. I am excited to learn more and practice using this application, Paper, more often.

Until then, leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite. Any requests? I’d be happy to do something special.

Enjoy. And Paint.


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