Quote Thoughts: Two


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My second comes from “it’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.

Mind over matter. Some believe in this concept whole-heartily while others think there is more to it. Oftentimes I feel that this little piece of possible..it is a little bit of both. There are times you can use your mind to alleviate a situation while other times it is your mind that gets in the way.

Emotional times and stressful times and plenty of others can cause the shift in the mind that creates a barrier. It’s almost like when you are put on the spot about something as simple as “How old are you?” and your mind instantly draws a blank. You mind has now officially gotten in your way. The same goes for the nights where all you want to do is sleep the time away, and all your mind feels like doing is talking to you…for hours…all night.

Again, your mind has gotten in the way of your ability to move on past a moment.

Now, if this is the case, what can the mind do to your own psyche when it gets in the way?

Um, I would have to say…everything.

You are who you are because of you. Sure, many may argue that experiences that have occurred because of others are the reasons we are who and what we are…should you follow that.

I could say that watching a terrible scene unfold in front of my eyes may completely destroy me, or it may cause me minimal harm as I may choose to learn from the experience or make a realization instead of being stuck on the horror of it. That may be the case. But say someone speaks terribly and says terrible things, and yet, there words can flow off me like water or stick to me like glue. The water versus the glue is what your mind chooses to do.

You may not think you are consciously making the decision to let it roll of your back or let it stick, but who else is making the choice for you?

I feel it may be possible that based off of other experiences the brain knows what to and not to do and how to and not to react as new situations arise. So, true, you may not be making the conscious decision at that moment, but your mind was made up from other reactions you already had…so it still stemmed from you originally.

So, what do I feel about “it’s not what you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not” as an important thought?

If you believe in something, you are the last line of defense before it becomes a part of you. You may think you are not talented. You may think you are not intelligent. You may think you aren’t worthy. Does that mean they are all true? Maybe not, BUT it will be as true as your mind believes.

There is one special person in my life that truly believes that even saying something like “I can’t play soccer” means that you won’t be able to because you believe that you can’t. If saying “I’m stupid” is harsh enough to come into your mind and stick and possibly inhibit your ability to believe you can finish a math problem, then I’m sure saying “I can’t play soccer” will inhibit your muscles from responding 100 percent as normal when the “I can’t” is involved.

So my advice, you CAN always do something and should ALWAYS be positive about what is possible. Because that’s just what it is, a possibility.

Be positive about possibility. That’s what it comes down to.

Enjoy. And Reed.

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