Iced Photography, Winterized Artistically

Winter is about the beautiful of the cold…the beauty of the snow…the beauty of the clean and fresh air…brisk…iced…a wonderland of white. I myself do not have the equipment or the time, or at the moment, enough snow to take my own photographs. So, I found some photographs that represent three movements of water during winter: snow, ice and frost.

Which is your favorite?


Snowed Black and White Photography

City Seats

Coldly Standing Alone

Path of White

Powdered in Snow

River as Black as Ice

Seats of Snow

Snowed Leaves

Through the Snow

Droplets, Photographed

Drop on a Branch

Frozen Lines

Droplets with Splay

Frozen Water Net

Giant Frozen Drop

Thick Drips of Ice

Iced Photography

Frosted Cherries

Frozen Leaf

Frozen Rose

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