30 Days to Share with Me and Showcase Your Creative

You may have read my last post and wondered what I had meant about me offering “my blog to the creative who want to share their work.” I am now officially accepting guest posts from anyone Creative about anything Creative.

Instead of re-writing everything I posted on my Google+ Account, I added my original post below. Please feel free to join me, share with me and add to my creative community.

30 Days to Share Your Creative

Are you a creative writer? A designer? How about just a creative person in general?
I have officially opened the doors to those creative writers, photographers, painters and artists that want to share their work and grow their audience. I am opening this for 30 days, but you are welcome to constantly submit, and I will schedule accordingly
My unique personal website (www.eonreed.com) is used to show off anything my mind creates:
**short stories
**interesting musings
I accept anything from the above categories. If you submit photos, just add a blurb about each under them. If they are not your images, you must give me the website/credit so I can add that.
I will place the link to your blog/website at the top of the post if it is an actual creative or similar site, so it will be viewed in the preview on the homepage of my blog as well as in the post itself. I will not take links to anything but a personal blog or creative website.
You are able to submit a bio also that I will include in a special “Creative Artist/Author” section on my site. I will also add a section on my sidebar for your website link as well.
NOTE: For interesting musings, I often sit and stare, get an idea, and write it down. If you do that too, and it’s not something simple or generic, but rather a deep thought in your head you take the time to write down/paint/draw, I will definitely consider it.
Well, that is all. I hope to see some creative and wonderful things. Email me at scribe@eonreed.com.
Thanks for the interest, and I am more than excited to post your creative and share with my own.



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