A New Story of Love and Darkness

It’s interesting how inspiration comes from the most interesting places. I normally don’t get inspiration or a thought from a movie, although my big five book series did come from a science channel episode about Black Holes. As I type that, it’s interesting that the name of the movie that inspired me this time is called The Hole.

Hmm, I wonder what holes has to do with my inspiration.

There was just a small monologue from the main character that opened my eyes to a story about love of the deepest, most obsessive kind. Burning up from the inside…

Have you ever loved someone so much you didn’t care what happened to yourself?

You just had to be with them.

If they look at you your heart stops.

If you feel their breath on your skin you just ache.

Have you ever craved someone so much that you didn’t exist any more?

Such an interesting twist in the movie, and I have a great twist for the story. I would share it, but that would be giving away the ending. That, I cannot do. Nope. Nope.

I love when new stories pop in…too bad it has to wait in line behind another 7 books. Yes, even if it will be a short story. siiigh.


Enjoy. And Reed.



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