James Mayes Shares His View on “Mental Depth Perception”; Do You Wish You Could Retain More?

Today I read a wonderful piece of “Ponderings” by a fellow Googleplusian, James Mayes. I requested that I post it here for my Reeders, and he was kind enough to oblige. I pasted it exactly how his comment was posted.

Thanks James!


Good morning beautiful people!  I’m about to head off to work, but first, I have a little philosophical question for all you brainiacs out there. (And for those who wish you were.)

Have you ever wished you were smarter?  I don’t mean as in, taking the Bar exam and passing without ever studying type of smart, but just smarter in general on certain levels you find interesting.  Mental depth perception I call it.  (Yes, I know there is no such thing.  I made it up, but it seemed to fit along the lines of what I am trying to say.)  An understanding of things in the world, or even simply the world around you, in a three dimensional display.  Understanding things you’ve always been interested in but were never good at.

Language, for example.  I wish I could learn all the main languages of the world, but I simply don’t have the mental capacity to do it.  I tried learning German once, and it turned into Germish.  I tried to learn Japanese once, and it turned into Englisnese.  I could not grasp the concept of the language, no matter how hard I tried.  For years, I worked with people who spoke Spanish, and I learned enough to communicate, but I could never understand them when they spoke to one another.  I’d say it is going to be mucho caliente este dia, and even though it was wrong, they would know I was saying it was going to be hot today.

I think the human mind is fascinating.  One person will have the perception to see something clearly and another person will not.  I can see a movie one time, and remember every single part of that movie, the punch lines, the plot, what will happen and when.  My wife can’t, though.  She’ll remember it as it goes along, but not before.  However, she is exceptionally good at recalling dates and names of people on a family tree.  It doesn’t even have to be her family tree.  She can do some research for a few days and read the information once, and a year later you can ask her about a certain part of a family.  She’ll tell you who married who, when, how many children they had, their birthdays, who they married, when they died, where they are buried, etc.  Me?  I see a jumbled mess of numbers and people I don’t know, all piled up with no specific order when she talks about it.

Oh.  Nancy married Bob, right?

What?  No.  Nancy and Bob lived a hundred years apart.

I’m not saying I want to do that, I just think it is interesting how one person can do it and another person cannot.

Last night, I was trying to read and understand an article a friend posted about a situation we were discussing.  While I did understand the overall concept of the article, and could see how it related to the discussion, my mind simply could not grasp the overall meaning in those pages.  And today, I can’t even remember the title or the main subject.  But I found the subject interesting and I wanted to understand and learn about this particular type of cultural enigma, but my mind would not see anything but the general outline of it.  It would not color in the picture.  The mental depth perception didn’t accumulate inside my head.

So, anyway, this morning I woke up with this rare, broad perspective look at things.  I wished I could see things in whole that were of interest to me.  Have any of you ever experienced this?  Wishing you were smarter on certain types of subject matter that are of interest to you, but can never fully grasp?  It is frustrating, isn’t it?  I’d love to hear how any of you overcame this “blockage” the keeps those things from coming out clearly.  I keep seeing things right on the tip of my thoughts, and at times I feel like I’m teetering between understanding and not understanding, but can never push that though over the edge and have my eyes open to the full knowledge of it.

I need a pill like in that movie Limitless.

Bah!  I’m about to be late for work.  Cya’ll this afternoon folks!  Be good. (or not)

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