Mischievously Going in a Direction with the Cheshire Cat

Hello my Reeders and viewers. First, I want to say I am sorry if any of you visited my website late last week or early this week, and found my domain in limbo. No worries, we are up and running! Let’s start with some images for this  post.

Anyone a fan of Alice and Wonderland? What about any specifically crazy characters like the Cheshire Cat?

Yesterday an image on Facebook popped out at me as not only very creative in the image, but also the words. Very quirky.

It was this one:

That was a very interesting concept. For some, even myself, that would be the first description I would give to that particular kitty: “Crazy” (and I believe I actually did above). To see something as six little words explain that away as a normal thing, to me, is quite brilliant  Needless to say, this image got me searching through Google to add more of these quirky images as my next Design post.

I first searched for other images like this one, so my first set is of quotes of the Cheshire Cat…

As I was looking for images that had quotes, I realized there were some really amazing “fan art” pieces. Here are the ones I chose as the ones I liked the most. There were many of them, but these six made the “cut”.


Which is your favorite?

And please feel free to email your own to scribe@eonreed.com if you want to add one to my page here.









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