Just About a BirthDAY. Just About a BirthTIME.

Birthdays only come once a year. Unless you were born twice, which in all honesty I couldn’t explain or try to even. Unless you’re an alien. Which would be kind cool. But do they celebrate birthdays on your planet? Do they even have a word for birthday?

Sorry, I digress.

Birthday’s still only come once a year. How do you celebrate them? When do you celebrate them? Sometimes it’s not in the cards to celebrate the same day with everyone you want to celebrate with so the days get split. Some may celebrate a whole week, a couple of days, various days, multiple days. It all depends on the person and time frame.

In high school, I had a close friend that had the same birthday as I do. We would start counting down on September 1st, counting to our 26th and celebrating together in our classes together. One year we wore balloons tied to our backpacks so wherever we were we could see each other. Some may not enjoy sharing their birthday, but I could say that I had a great time and enjoyed that special day with her.

More fun birthday times for my family usually includes something I haven’t found in other families: birthday time. We celebrate the exact times of our birthdays as the official OFFICIAL birthday for my sister, father and me.

My sister and I even made an equation to remember our birthday times…ready for it?

Times are 4:27am and 8:34pm.

I was born first as the older sister, so I get the earlier time: 4 is mine with my sisters gets doubled at 8. Next, as I am the first, I also get the 2; and she being next in line, she gets the 3. Now here’s the fun one. I was born in 1984, and she was in 1987…reverse the last numbers; and I get her 7, and she gets my 4.

Get all that?

As for my father he is born at 3:59am, so on his birthday, I called, sang him happy birthday, and he went back to sleep with a smile on his face. Mission accomplished.

Point being. Enjoy your birthday whenever you want, however you want and with whomever you want.

Happy Birthday, and Reed.




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  1. My eldest’s Birthday today! I think the traditions must change as one grows older simply because family is separated by distance but it’s fun to remember specialty cakes and who always sings out of tune:)

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