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Just a short post today to update my Reeders.

New Project 

Well, the biggest news is my new project that I am going to work on tonight. One of my biggest inspirations is Mary Doodles, and she is incredible with painting, drawing, making videos…and of course combining all three. She put up a challenge (well her friend Jessie did anyway) for us to draw an urban legend monster. I happened to choose the Kraken.


It means, I already have the sketch ready (did it at lunch today) and now have to complete my first time-lapse video AND I will be posting it on my new YouTube Channel.
I know right? I’ve never done one, so we’ll see how it goes. I can’t wait to share!  For now, here’s the sketch on a some scrap paper…so don’t mind the bad quality and words and such on the backside.

Layout and Widgets

You may have noticed a slight change in layout. I realized that when I visit a blog, I like to know about the person right away, and a side part area for “About Me” is a great place to start. Since that’s what I want, that is what I’m giving. Take a Reed and tell  me what you think. I think it pegged me.

More of the layout will be changing soon. Nothing too crazy. I just want another sidebar. Unsure of how that will look, BUT I want to give it a shot. I need to get some PSD files for my theme though. Working on that part. Then you can tell me what you think.

Also, I decided with so many who have added me to their Google+ Circles, I wanted to share my friends and give new Reeders the option to circle me. I added a new icon for Google+ and a widget that shows who had me in circles. It’s the most “social” piece on my homepage. Meaning, not very creative looking, but still, I wanted to share.

Until tomorrow…Enjoy. And Reed.





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