More on My Plate? Yes.

I decided yesterday to make a paper-listed list of everything that I need to do all the time. I added in projects for my business, my personal life and anything I could think of. First, I’d like to say that this list made my head feel lighter. Having it all written down made me feel as though I don’t need to hold it all in my head (and yes I plan on adding more as I remember and think of things).

My schedule is changing, and it seems that every Tuesday and Thursday will be becoming my new creative days. With one car for the family, and 25 miles to travel to get home, I have to sit and wait…OR I can use that time to create. Week two of this is coming, and I plan on taking full advantage. This ultimately lead me to write the list I spoke about above…

And what did I find?

I have a lot of create stuff going on than I thought. I had felt as though I didn’t have enough, but I seem to have plenty. 

Projects In-The-Works

  • Communities in-the-works: On Google+ I created a Daily Writing community where I am trying to keep me going every day with something. Google+ also includes another 3 communities…one for Word Count, two for Tablet Drawings and three for a private Writing Community for me and other NaNoers.
  • Novel in-the-works: Is it Possible to be a Little Schizophrenic? is the main novel I am working on right  now. As I wrote a couple posts ago, I finished looking through my first 18 chapters and outline the next four.
  • Series in-the-works: “10 Yiers“. This is a series I have worked on–in pieces–for about 5 yiers (hehe). I am in the process of organizing my 2 giant notebooks, dozens of pages of information and even more external, loose-leafed pages. I have a lot of work to do before I can continue.
  • Reading in-the-works: I am currently Reeding “Under the Dome” by Stephen King. I started it over three years ago, moved to Long Island and the book never made it. So, I finally have a new copy (thanks Lovey) and have been trying to find time. Time I SHALL FIND!
  • The last project in-the-works is the one you are reading now: descriptions of a reeder. I am working to constantly grow this blog and its content while being creative in the process. How’s it going, do you think?

New Projects

  • As I talked about yesterday, my new project is my time-lapse paintings. I was going to do my first, but plans changed, and got switched to tomorrow. Not really the best start to this project, haha, but it’s okay. I’ll still get to do it. I’m excited.

Business Projects

  • My business needs weekly social media posts, press releases and blogs…
  • Another family business needs the same thing…

And that’s all I’m going to say about business…


So, as I can see, and you can now too, I have lots to do. I am working on a lot and have some other things not even listed on the back burner like completing the other squares for my sister Kershanda…(see the first painted square here.)

These Tuesdays and Thursdays coming will definitely be a help to the right side of my brain…and my left, well, it’s keeping up just fine.


Enjoy. And Reed.




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