Time-Lapse Video is Coming

I finished my first time-lapse video recording! Buuuut, yes, just the recording at this point. I am editing it tonight and should be posting it tomorrow morning. At least, that is the plan. AND MY PLANS ARE OFTEN FOILED!!! (Why do I hear a malicious voice in my head as I wrote that with a muahahahaha sounding?)

But, let’s talk about how it went, so you can learn some about, well, how it went.

How did the process go?

Not bad at all. I think the set up worked for what it was, but it wasn’t the most efficient. As you will see in the video, I used scotch tape to hold the lens in place. (Gotta do whatcha gotta do.) I sketched my design onto my acrylic pad, turned on the camera and away I painted.

Things to avoid next time?

1. I used the natural light for the painting, but I wasn’t thinking about how fast the light was going to fall down and fade out between 4:45 to 7:35 p.m. I changed the ISO quite a few times, but that just meant clips went darker than lighter and then darker, and well, you get the picture.

2. I was using a DSLR camera, which brings a great quality, but other issues. One, a DSLR only records for 12 mins per recording session, so I had to check the time constantly. Two, if the camera got unhappy for any reason, it would stop filming without warning and unless I looked up, I would never know.

3. Watch your hands. Well, my hands. I need to make sure that I paint slightly to the side or maybe film from another angle to show more of the painting and less of my hand.

4. STRESS. I kept stressing about so much of the little things…mostly about the above-mentioned. I need a set up that makes it easier to just paint and not worry about anything else.

Final Words

I am very excited to get the video together. I even added a bit of me too.

What? Me on camera? Yup. I really enjoyed it actually. Well, until tomorrow. Of course, without the “muahahahaha”.


Until then, Enjoy. And…video?



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