Creativity Strikes: Quick, Which Medium Do You Use?

With so much creativity flowing through me the past couple of weeks, it got me thinking about all the different ways people can be creative and HOW they make the final choice of what to do with the creativity they feel. As I talked about a couple of posts ago, I have a lot of creative projects going on and have a few to choose from. No, a LOT to choose from.

So, aside from projects that some, like myself, can choose from, others may just want to be creative in general. So the real question should begin with: what media are available to be creative with?

  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Colored Pencils
  • Paint (of a bunch of varieties like watercolor or acrylic)
  • Pastels
  • Pencil
  • PenColored Pencils

(A side note: Why do so many of these start with the letter P? Is there something connected with the letter that goes along with being creative that I am unaware of? Seems rather odd to me that more than half of that list started with the letter P. Hmm. Anyways, moving on.)


For the many reasons that I could give about why I like crayons over markers is about the same I could give in reverse and vice versa. In reality, I enjoy all of the different medias and each one adds a different sense of awesome…creativity…and fun to them.

Oil Paints

My favorite? I don’t think I can tell you which is my favorite, although I can tell you which I work better with as compared to the others: colored pencils and paint. The reason for these two is because I feel the way I use them are the same in terms of layering, which is something that I talked about on my Painting Landing Page

I layer one color as the base, then add the next for some depth, then the third (with any others after that) for the final details. Colored pencils and paint give me the ability to blend and shade more than, say, crayons. Black-and-white medium is different too. I think pen, well, ink I should say, and pencil need a higher-level of drawing skills, because shading an entire picture with one medium in one color means working harder to make the shades look different.

Colorful Mixed Media by Callie Fink.

When it comes to children, I think they choose the medium they like the most because of the way the colors look on their paper. I don’t think a child would choose a pen or pencil over a crayon, and they most certainly don’t care about shading abilities as long as they are having fun with drawing and coloring.

In the end, even if I can’t choose one medium over another, I think my vote for my favorite would be colored media. There. Decision made.

What’s yours?


Enjoy. And Reed.

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