The Ups and Downs of Creativity

It can be understandable to some how creativity can falter. Day after day, constant creation. Some of us may never reach that level of consistency. Have I, you ask? I am not quite sure I have. Most days I think about a post or something creative to write or draw or paint, and every other day I may actually accomplish what I set out to do…until creativity strikes.

And hardly striking, unfortunately, it has done the past five days. This was, of course, due to the expanded drive of creativity that I had for seven straight days. Interesting how one small suggestion can flare the creative juices flowing faster than the fingers or eyes or mind can travel.

  • I sketched a drawing from a small idea on Friday.
  • Painted my first time-lapse drawing on Sunday.
  • Painted a semi-time-lapse on the following Friday.

With plenty of writings and posts in between. Every in-between actually. I posted something every day for 8 days except for the day I painted the time-lapse video. And then…my brain took a nap. For five days it seems (counting today).

So…let’s understand…instead of being creative, I wrote about not being creative?

Oh look…a butterfly.. .. ..

Enjoy. And Create.



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