Writing Prompts to Keep the Creativity Flowing

Work has tripled. Let’s start there. Ooopphhhh.

There are so many projects going on at work, that even finding the time to write ON TOP OF what I am already writing is becoming increasingly difficult. But, I think I found a solution to keep the creativity going…

Upon a stumbling through Google images for a photo, I came to a Facebook Book page called Writers Write. It has great daily(ish?) writing prompts along with great images, quotes and words (in other languages and with definitions too). I instantly “like”d the page and have been enjoying their posts ever since. It’s been about, oh, four days.

Well, today, I saw the writing prompt and decided I would officially start doing what it said and sharing here for you all to Reed. I need to keep the creative flowing, even with all this work to do.

So, on May 1st:

My Writing for the Prompt

I am going to choose my antagonist from Little Schizophrenic … Boss.

I don’t write about her watching television, although I do write about her building a movie theater in her garage. Her character to begin with is modeled a lot after me with my strange and quirky tendencies twisted and exaggerated—of course, with extras, completely false, thrown in.

She enjoys murder mysteries and twisted thrillers…I also think she enjoys cerebral-type movies…

With those being her kinds of movies, she would enjoy television shows like that too.

American Horror Story – for its dark and twisted plot. Although I have yet to finished the first season, I know this show would twist her mind too.

United States of Tara – Boss watches this with Secant and the others. It’s something they love to do together.

Paranormal Witness – she loves the paranormal as she is definitely a believer of ghosts.

House Hunters International – Boss thinks about where she would love to go and visit someday. She keeps a little journal with the names of places she really loves.

Bones – it shows the strength of a woman while also showing the emotional distress she is always in. She can relate to Bones the best of the other woman characters she sees.

The only problem and limitation to this Writing Prompt is that I can only chose from shows I have watched. Obviously. I’m sure there are more or others out there that would suit her better. But, I think these all have a good reason for being chosen.

 Total Words for Today’s Prompt:  256




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