Protagonist Versus Antagonist

Something very interesting I learned about myself and about sleep. There are definitely different versions of resting. The short version of this realization stems from the difference in my brain’s functioning from today versus yesterday. I’ll just say that I didn’t sleep as restfully as I thought I had for four days. I had woken up every hour, and even though I had “slept” from 10 to 7, I didn’t sleep straight through for any long period of time.

What does this mean? It means I’m not paying attention and not focusing on details and missing pieces. Example: I wrote from a writing prompt on Tuesday. It asked information about the Antagonist. Yesterday’s (which is coming today because it was my lovey’s birthday yesterday, and I was busy with Birthday Excursions) is asking about the Protagonist. Guess who I wrote about on Tuesday? The Protagonist. I somehow missed the word “Antagonist”, and assumed I was talking about the Protagonist. I blame the lack of consistent, solid sleep. (ahem)  Sure this character is her own Antagonist, but I wasn’t writing about her Antagonist personality…

…so, today with a fresh and COMPLETE sleep, I will continue about the Protagonist as prompted. Oh, and I’ll give you a second post later for today’s prompt once it’s posted.

So, May 2nd…

[box type=”info”] I didn’t realize until I finished writing it, but this prompt is very much how I write when I brainstorm ideas about things. I was disappearing into my words as I wrote and, as you will see, I was answering my own thoughts in words. This is one of the things that prompted me writing about this character to begin with. My own talking to myself. Enjoy.[/box]

My Response

Boss travels in the story from her home that she grew up in to her new home that she makes for herself. From one part of the state to another. She is officially from California. I would have thought I would have chosen that before considering she is modeled after me, but I didn’t even consider her location as an important place. So, she goes from Southern California to Northern California.

She drives. In her mother’s…Jeep. I think a Jeep. Not sure which. I’ll have to look into it…oh alright, hold on. Okay, her 2002 Jeep Compass.


This one. I like how it looks. Okay, so this is her car, and she calls it Tea. Why? Because she remembers the smell of her mother’s tea in the car. The first thing she noticed when she got into it for the first time. Earl Grey tea. Every time she gets in it, she stops, breathes and misses her mother.

So, this is how Boss would prefer to travel. In her mother’s car with the smell of her tea all around her. Windows down, heat on and classical or pop music playing in the background.

Once Boss starts to come out of her shell after she gets her heart broken and thinks she’s a complete psycho thinking about killing someone in her “high” moment…she starts driving. This will be one of the places she can keep the voices away. She is at peace driving long distances. She will just get into her mother’s car, pick a direction, an amount of time, and drive. She reaches Oregon, Utah, and even Arizona on one stressed night.

But the girls can’t join her when she’s driving. There is something psychological about the drive that keeps them separated. So, when she gets back, Secant asks “How was the drive?” Because she doesn’t know.

Memo’d thought: is there anything else that blocks the girls? And, how does this effect her?

Total Words:  326




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