Monsters Under Her Bed

Only some short housekeeping for today…I didn’t get to the second prompt on Friday. I thought I would be able to find the time to do one but didn’t think about the actual time constraints I have. And I seem to have plenty. Needless to say, weekends are much better. So what does that mean? I’ll do prompts as often as I can, but may not get to them every day. Which is a shame because the ones I missed this weekend were great ones.

Ones said to write a poem about yourself. That would have been interesting. So, enjoy them as they come.

And here’s the next…This is the beginning of a journal entry for  my Protagonist, Boss. I have much more to write.

On May 6th…

 My Response

“Have you ever been scared of what’s under your bed?” Such a silly question for an adult, don’t you think? I mean sure, for a kid that makes perfect sense. Monsters live in our minds as children. The dark and creepy parts of them grow and poke at the child parts of us. Nightmares are triggered. Darkness is no longer safe. Don’t look in the closet. Don’t look under the bed.

The monsters are there…

Are they waiting to eat you? Are their teeth sharp and pointed, dripping with blood from their last victim? Do you think they are going to find you tonight? What about tomorrow night? Tell me, what does your monster look like?

Is its skin scaled with green spotted flecks of green? Long arms are stretching to the floor. Knuckles scrapping against the floor. Its oversized body not fitting under the bed, so it hides in wait underneath in its world. Arms stretching out from under the bed to poke and pull on your sheets.

Grumble. Gruph. Grumble.

Or, do you see a small army of little monsters? Sharp angles of bone covered in skin. Teeth filed with a double tongue…

 Words: 195




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