My Book, My Inspiration

Two days ago I was writing for the daily prompt. I really enjoyed the topic, but was unable to finish my thought. Yesterday was the same, and today may have started out to follow, but I SAY NAY! I SHALL WRITE TODAY!


The two prompts below all drew words from me, and I was excited to let them flow. Enjoy.

On May 8th…

My Response

This is the most important and muse-inspiring prompt I have read so far, and it made my Muse very happy…

Going back to when your inspirations started brings back those exact feelings and makes you want to write until you fall asleep. It makes you want to write until you finish every story you ever thought of. It makes you want to read every book that you have ever laid your eyes on, collected or heard about. It makes you want to stop doing anything in this world that does not mean “creative”.

I want to write about the book that changed my view of reading into writing. I want to describe the moment that I sat there and thought to myself: I can do this. I can write. I want to show you what was going on in my mind at the moment I considered myself a writer as much as a reader.

The only problem is…I have no idea when that particular moment happened.

What do I remember? I remember the challenge at lunch before 5th period. I remember him saying “Write me a story.” I remember that…I remember forgetting about 5th period and not hearing one word my teacher said as I scribbled and created my first story for a novel.

All created in one class period.

Was that the moment? Was that when I chose to be a writer and never looked back? I do believe it is. Was it while I read a book? Oddly no. It was when I was challenged by someone I had cared for.

Thank you First Muse for demanding that I write for you…although, I do recall that you never looked upon my writing once the challenge was given. I wrote, and created, and drew, and outlined, and you never again asked for my writing.

Thank you for letting me bloom into the writer I am today without nosing into my mind.

Thank you.

Words:  331

On May 10th…

May 10th

My Response

The love, or rather, the lack of love from mother and father is what makes my Protagonist also her Antagonist. Let me remind you that this novel is called “Is It Possible to Be A Little Schizophrenic?” The loneliness that Boss goes through her entire life creates moments and voices and separate personalities that she lives with her entire life…or does it?

That is the main premise of the story. Is Boss in fact schizophrenic or is she only extending her imaginary voices into imaginary friends? And what loneliness is strong enough to bring her to that point?

Her father never exists in her life except for every birthday and Christmas card she receives. Except for that one brief meeting where he gives her the means to take her life into her own hands. That one brief meeting where she looks into his eyes and knows that he did love her. He actually did.

What a moment it was.

But her life changes and moves, and she never again knows the broken or distant love of her mother or father.

Did her mother love her? As much as a woman like that could, I suppose. Her distance. Her solidarity. Her love for her daughter — all wrapped together in a package that she could never truly share with Boss.

Are they both the reason she is the way she is or, more so, the reason why she is the way she isn’t?


In the end, she loved herself more than they did. Or did she?

Words: 256



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