Four Years in the Making: the Little Schiz Outline is Complete

The laundry was changed, the formal letter of recommendation was written, and it was time to finally relax for the day. It was 9:45 p.m., and I was ready to fall asleep… Problem was I didn’t want to sleep and waste the couple of hours that were left in the night. So I let my mind wander the story of Boss and her possible levels of schizophrenia.

“What’s next in the timeline?”

One thought after the other, and I realized there were only so many chapters left connecting where I was to the end of the story…That was when the light bulb went off in my head…

“Oh how inspiration strikes without warning…sitting and thinking brings a wave of creativity. Should I venture forward and finish my outline now?

I think I just may…4 years in the making may just end tonight….”

Little Schiz Outline

I sat uncomfortably on the bed, legs crossed with a pillow as my desk, and thought through the rest of my novel. A novel of 4 years gone by…From Chapter 24 to Chapter 19 plus the Epilogue. I think my Reeders will love me for my final chapter but close the book ____[enter descriptor for emotion here]___ at the Epilogue.

After 4 years of the idea swirling around in my mind, I finally have an ending and a COMPLETE outline. In honor of my accomplishment, I have created added a new background to my website so inspiration of surrounding books will keep me focused on my next journey…

…finishing “Is It Possible to Be A Little Schizophrenic?”


Enjoy. And Reed.




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