Painting Challenge, You Get to Vote

I want to paint. Like I usually do. Not something special to announce. BUT, I have decided to do something a little different with my next painting (which will also be a time-lapse video).

I’m going to let my Reeders choose what I paint.

Are you up for it? I hope so.

So, here’s my plan. I’m going to post a black and white photo every day for 7 days. You can vote every day if you want with a “yes” or “this one” or whatever else you’d like to leave in the comments (I will also take comments from Facebook and Google+). Whichever photo gets the most votes will be the winner.

Easy enough, yeah? I’m excited to see what you all choose.

Although this photo below is not part of this fun, little voting-paint-off, it WILL eventually become one. It’s a photo of my lovey and myself that I will most definitely be painting on a large-scale some day.


What do you think of our photo?

Enjoy. And Paint.

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