And The Winner Is…

Originally I thought I may need to add in my own vote to break a tie. Then I thought I would add my own vote just because I wanted to be able to vote…But the winner was chosen for me.

The edge and texture may have made her the winner or it may have just been the image itself. Out of all of the images I chose, this would have been the one I voted on. There is so much personality and emotion in her eyes. But what she is saying…that is unknown.

Is she hiding?
Is she calling out?
Does she know something that others don’t?

I have decided that I want to paint her on a large-scale. This may take a lot-of-bit of time. I definitely don’t think this will be a one day project. I plan on starting once I have the materials I need, and Day One is going to be Monday.

Maybe after this one, I’ll take on second place (Meow)…and third (Flowered)…

Thoughts? Comments? Want to see anything new on this painting?
Thank you everyone for voting. I will share more soon…


Enjoy. And Reed.

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