Update for the Next Time-Lapse Video

I am not ready.

Huh. Not the best way to start a post about an upcoming painting, is it? ::giggles::

Well, it’s the truth. I have the canvass, the paint, and new brushes (ooo oo, yes new brushes! Story to follow…), but I am not ready to start this project yet. I know this painting will take longer than just one sitting. With so much moving around up and around my life, finding these multiple seatings won’t be the easiest thing to do.

I need to do a light sketching of where I am putting the face and the background and the water, but I also don’t want to jump into the painting just for a deadline. It will take a lot of my mind power and creativity, so I want to be prepared for the work and the concentration.

So, back to how I started: I am not ready. Just a couple more days, and I will be, though.

Story to Follow


I decided to have a creative evening with Little Anastasia (7 yo) and Little Kristopher (2.5 yo), so we visited the spectacular Michaels. Every aisle that we walked down, Ana found something else new that she loved. One craft after another and another and another, she wanted to take home. But we were there for one creative excursion – painting.

I let her choose the canvasses we were going to paint on, and then we got to enjoy 30 minutes of  paint picking. I gave her the chance to choose five colors and Kris the chance to choose two. I filled out my choices with the colors in between.

Where do the new brushes come in? Same aisle had some very lovely (and on sale) brushes. I have about 50 brushes, but they were all cheapies that came in a giant pack for like $15 about five years ago…so because I needed to get some new ones anyway, AND I have a big project coming.

Here they are…we’ll see how they go…

Craft Smart New Brushes

With as much time as we spent at Michaels, we didn’t get to the painting. We got to ideas and to thoughts and to another craft, but, I will for sure add the images of our painting excursion as soon as we do it.


Until then, Enjoy. And Reed.

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