What speaks to your soul?

What whispers to you and excites you more than anything else?

Is it music?

Is it writing?

Is it reading?





What makes your emotions jump and swirl and move around as you listen, write, read, think, feel?

Is it sounds mixed together beautifully dancing across your ear drums? Serenading your inner thoughts of joy or even pain?

Is it the way you feel as the characters come to life on a page? Worlds and lives that you are creating with one letter at a time?

Is it words on a page that create an entirely new world within your mind? Words that take you to another place? Another world of new life and experiences?

…what speaks to mine, do you ask?

The sounds of a bow across the strings of a cello.

A spark from a new connection, created in a piece of writing.

Rain pounding on the roof, splashing down to the ground.

That moment I skip three words at a time in story because I can’t wait to see what happens next.

A silent moment with only the sound of the wind in the distance.

When a book hurts too much to continue reading, and the book stays on the shelf for days before finding strength to continue.

A song that stops me in the middle of my day and inspires me to write a post about what speaks to a person’s soul.

It seems my soul lives more by senses than anything else. But don’t most of you? Don’t you live by every moment that takes your breath away or gives it back? What makes you experience life over another moment?

Whatever it is that speaks to you…Enjoy. Always, enjoy.

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