Updates: Writing and Moving, Both at the Same Time

I miss you all! Or rather, I miss writing to you all!

I don’t normally share anything personal on my blog. Not for any other reason besides keeping the creative juices flowing and shared. Today, however, I’m going to. And the reason for this is because I haven’t posted in days (days!!), and I want to share with you why…

I moved.
That’s the short of it.

The slightly broader of it is that my little family and I had a set amount of time (5 months to be exact) to find a home in a very…VERY…small amount of housing. And when I say small, I mean two vertical streets about a mile long by…well, let me show you.

Here is about a third of Long Island…Can you see that little red box?

Well, here is the up-close version. See the little dot? That is where we ended up, happily so.

Can you see what I mean by a very, VERY small amount of housing?

The urgency was due to the kiddies. If we didn’t find a place within the EXACT school district by August, the school board was going to take them out of their schools because we were living out of the district for a couple of months.

The girls have lived in the same neighborhood with the same kids their whole lives. They play on soccer teams in the district… So you can imagine how we were going crazy to keep them where we promised we would.

And we did…

In between writing for Camp NaNoWriMo, we have been moving. So, without further  adieu…here are some pictures of my little family, happily home sweet home.


I promise to share more soon. Write more soon. Oh, and even do that time-lapse painting I owe you all. Soon.

Until then, Enjoy. and Reed.




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