The Written Story

What is it that makes some people writers and other’s want-to-be-writers? Well, I would first start with the assumption that there are different definitions, and depending on which way you believe would answer that question.

If you believe that Writers are those that write everyday and want-to-be-writers (W2bW) only talk about writing every day, then I am a W2bW.

If you believe that Writers are those that find time to write as they travel through life (whether they finish a manuscript, play or otherwise) while W2bW add words to their work every few months, then I am a W2bW.

If you believe that Writers are anyone who has written anything ever in the history of being alive and W2bW are those who have never written a word, then I am a Writer.

On most days, I consider myself a Writer. This would probably be on more days than most. But there are other times when I look back on the long days in between since the last time I wrote anything, and think of myself as a W2bW.

In the end, I am a writer. I may falter. Life may get in the way, but I will always write. Days in between don’t matter. It is about what you feel in your heart. What you feel in the creative corners of your mind. Do you want to create a world that is yours alone or do you want to share it? Either way, if you are putting into words, you are a writer.

I am a writer.

What is your definition? What do think qualifies?

Enjoy. And Write.




4 thoughts on “The Written Story”

  1. I always try to think of it this way… writing requires the ‘create’ gene. Some people have the ability to create something from nothing, others do not.

    I sort of came to this conclusion through acting and directing. Some actors do not need any direction, they can simply create the performance that is needed completely on their own using that ‘creation’ gene, which is the same gene a writer uses. But other actors do not have this gene in their makeup, and require attention from the director to give them insights on where to take a character. Some actors without direction, simply cannot create the performance on their own. You will note this with actors who are really good in some movies, but really mediocre or bad in others. It’s likely in the films where they shined, they were under good direction, and in other films they were without good direction and lacked the ability to create the character on their own.

    To me, whether writing or acting, it’s takes that same gene to actually create something without hand-feeding it to you. So whether you’re writing constantly, or periodically, you can certainly be a writer/creator. For example, I had done very little acting over the past 5 years, until this past spring when I took on two plays and graced the stage once more. I was still an actor in all those years, I was just busy with other things: work and raising a baby.

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