Changed My Theme for Halloween: My Favorite Holiday

Hello my Reeders! I must say it has been a long while since I have said anything, but I have been doing creative things and even finished my creative space that I talked to you all about a couple of weeks ago. No, I didn’t finish it awhile ago. Just a couple of days ago actually.

I had to get ready for NANOWRIMO 2013!!! Whooo! Yeahhhh! ::happy dance::


…but that is for another post. My reason for sharing today is because I have changed my theme for my favorite holiday ever…Halloween. Last year I wanted to change it, but did not have a chance to, but this year I wanted to enjoy Halloween with my Reeders.

I will say, unless you want to spend a chunk of money on a new theme, Halloween themes for WordPress are not simple to come by. Not great ones at least. This one that I chose I like for what it is. Let me share a little…

The images I placed in the slideshow are specific ones that I went, found and picked out to share. I thought they each hit their respective categories very well (look at their titles). If you click on them, you will be taken to the webpage they came from. Most are wallpapers, but I wanted to make sure you could see where I found them from.

So, what do you think? Fun for Halloween?

What is your favorite holiday?




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