Showing Through Color

If there is no color in the world, what does that mean for being able to enjoy the beauty of the world? It can mean something to those who have seen color before in their lives, or it could mean nothing to those who have never enjoyed color before.

I have had color in my eyes since the day I was born, and I know there are times that seeing colors has been more amazing than any other time I can think of. Then the next time comes around and it’s even more breath-taking. How is it possible that something can be so beautiful and not be able to be described?

Can you tell someone what color red is without using the word “red” OR any other color? Is it possible to describe any color at all if the person has never seen the color?

I don’t think you can. I’ve actually tried. I’ve looked up adjectives and different descriptors, and yet I have never been able to describe it. Ever.

So, to color or not to color. That is the ultimate question. If I could never see a sunset again, I think I would be sad. More for that moment than any other. And go figure that a sunset is only as colorful as it is because we as humans are able to pollute our skies with the filth we need to live like we do…and yet the beauty of a sunset is unsurpassed by anything else I can think of.

I choose color.




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