I just talked to my Mini-NaNoNite, Anastasia (who’s 7)

When daddy picked her up from school, all she has been doing is brain storming about her story. She has the WHOLE story laid out with names for her characters and everything. Ana is going to tell me ALL about it when I get home from work when she and I sit down to write our first #NaNoWriMo  words together. She only told me two details:
1. An old man character’s name is Grampire.
2. There are a lot of animal characters.Oh, and I added a word count plugin to my website for her NaNo too. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I just talked to my Mini-NaNoNite, Anastasia (who’s 7)”

    1. I told her by the time she is my age, she’s going to be an author of dozens of stories/books. Her oldest sister Samantha (who’s 11) said she didn’t want to do it this year, but after watching how much fun we are having says she’s definitely doing it next year. Little writers are so inspiring.

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