1st NaNo Fail

Yesterday was my first #NaNoWriMo  test, and I failed terribly. It was the first day that wasn’t a weekend day, and I only hit 361 words.The morning was exhausting, the work day was taxing, the end of day was tiring, so it became a relaxing day last night instead (one of which I haven’t had in a while)…then at about 9:30 p.m. my Muse plopped my laptop on my lap to make me write, literally. I wrote another 100 words before falling asleep against the couch with the laptop still in my lap.

In the end, I hadn’t slept well (it’s very rare that I do) so it wasn’t a regular work day, AND I had a little cushion in my word count (but I want to FINISH the book, but just 50k). So it wasn’t the worst fail…

Let’s see what I can do today, hopefully it will be fine.



8 thoughts on “1st NaNo Fail”

  1. I agree… you can’t call it a failure until you wake up on December first and realize you only accomplished the first sentence. I, personally, have only written on last Saturday and didn’t even break 500 words. Just haven’t been able to fit a groove on it. Gonna try to do some late nighters, I think, after work, and plow in some good writing. Or early mornings… something crazy.

  2. Some people do all of their writing on weekends and very little through the week. I work a 4×10 schedule, and while weekends are quiet, Mondays and Tuesdays are pretty brutal, and trying to force myself to write when all I want to do is sleep gets really tough.

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