5K NaNo Sprints, Second NaNoWriMo Update

For my second NaNoWriMo update, I must start with…


I may or may not have mentioned to you my Reeders, but my novel this year is very different from other years. In fact, it’s different from other stories that I have written before.

My genre is still sci-fi/fantasy as per my usual enjoyed genre, but this time it is the content that is different from usual.

Content which includes topics of sexual encounters, bars and women, physical beatings and others. I don’t want you to think that I’m writing a descriptive romance novel with intense details about any of these or other topics, but simply that they are a part of the plot.

The best way to say it: It’s a very adult novel with adult topics and conversation.

This is new for me because up until this point most of my main characters–aka the protagonists–have been a lot like me in that they don’t drink, smoke, go to bars, do wild and crazy things–I’m a happy hobbit–so my characters have been too. Even my antagonists don’t do anything within these contexts (at least not that I share through my writing).

Writing with a new style and a new edge has been quite enjoyable for me.

This is how I explained it on a Google+ post on Oct 22, 2013

And it turned out to be a great way for me to write. Exciting too. I actually thought about the possibility of all of my stories getting this tone. As a newbie writer but an EXPERT outliner (just a reminder it takes me years to outline stories with gaps in between and then I only write in November, go figure…I BLAME YOU LIFE! ahem…sorry), I know that I am still working on finding my style. I have already noticed a few things about my writing style and am seeing what I can do about keeping them going.

So far, so good.

As my final update for today, you may have read that I wrote over 5k words the other day. I would love to say that I am that much more ahead, but unfortunately this weekend threw me for a loop(or a couple of them), and I didn’t write for two days. I must say that it was a good thing I had a 2.75-day cushion, that’s for sure. Sooo, I may just do some more 5k NaNo Word Sprints…

Well, off to week three I go. I must say though, after over a week of writing about my main characters, it is finally time for them to meet! Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, BUT DEFINITELY by Wednesday.

Happy Veterans Day everyone!

Enjoy and Reed.



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