My Mini-NaNoNite and I

We have 10 hours and 15 minutes left in NaNoWriMo before we have to validate. I have 2,155 words left to write, and about 6 biggish scenes left to write….in all honesty, I can see another 5k words on top of what’s left. 

This only matters because my goal was to FINISH the book. Considering I’m this close to finishing my first book ever, it’s amazing!!!!

Mini-NaNoNite is at home as I type from work, and she is doing her NaNoWriMo. She is so excited to finish! She only needed 136 words for today out of a 1,000 to finish, and about an hour ago I got the call that she had about 70 words to go. I was THRILLED to hear she was writing without me! She wants to win as much as I do. 

I will post victory pictures as soon as we validate! 
Finish line…here…we….come….



2 thoughts on “My Mini-NaNoNite and I”

  1. I have that problem myslef (re-writing what I already have instead of finishing the story). One of the positive outcomes for me in finishing Nanowrimo 2011 was learning to make my inner editor be quiet and wait for her turn. It’s something I have to keep working at though.

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